If you lose your job without having committed any fault, you will find this situation most stressful. We will not talk about dismissal. Your employer will have let you leave because of a shortage of work, the end of a seasonal job or a massive layoff due to an economic slowdown.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can deal with becoming suddenly and unexpectedly unemployed.


Employment insurance

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The government is providing support to the unemployed through the employment insurance program. Basically, this program offers benefits to people who have recently lost their jobs. To ensure their eligibility, individuals must have lost their position without any responsibility on their part, and must be able to work.

Employment Insurance will provide them with consistent benefits until they can find another job. In order to guarantee them benefits, they will apply for Employment Insurance within four weeks of their last day of work. They will submit their documents immediately after the loss of their employment.

They will also have to actively look for work during this period of unemployment. A government social worker may request documents that prove their research. They will then have to keep a written list of employers they have contacted to show that they meet this requirement.

They will not receive employment insurance if they decide to leave their jobs themselves or if their misconduct has resulted in dismissal. However, those who work in the fishing industry, those who wish to take care of a family member or even the self-employed can receive benefits through another program.


Find a new job

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The government also assists those looking for work. First, they operate a nationwide job bank and list positions available to the public service. Second, they refer job seekers to federal hiring programs. You can find these opportunities by visiting the National Job Bank website. You will also be able to sign up for alerts that will let you know if an employer is posting a job that matches your skills.

Even if you work, you may want a little more money to recover financially. Why not apply for a loan online? Only one pay stub and one bank statement will fit for the purpose. Once you start working again, you will use your next check to pay it back. In this way, a new job and two checks to your credit will allow you to resume the normal course of your life as a worker.

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